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Book review of Ender's Game

Com bé diu el títol de l'entrada, aquesta és la meva opinió de Ender. Però té una cosa especial. Ja que m'el vaig llegir en anglès i vaig escriure el Review per la classe d'anglès, ho penjo així. D'aquesta manera calmo també les demandes que m'han fet d'aquest gran document.

Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, won the Nebula Award in 1985, and the Hugo Award in 1986. Orson Scott Card, recognized novelist of science fiction, became famous because of this fascinating novel which shows us a future world. Although this novel has a close ending, the writer has published another six novels related with Ender’s universe; all books of the saga have been best-sellers.

Ender is the main character of the book, a very intelligent kid who lives in this future earth where couples can only have two kids. He is the third, and because of an incipient war with buggers, an alien species, Ender is recruited for the government at the age of six and is send to Battle School. The book tells Ender’s story and how the kids there become adults very early.

Firstly, the book is not what it appears. It isn’t just an adventure story, neither is it about aliens, it is deeper than that. It’s about kids doing things that kids mustn’t do. The adults are, in this book, the controllers who manipulate all in Ender’s environment; they isolate him, and they make him suffer, since they want him to be the greatest commander. In this point the story makes you think about the kid's situation and you suffer with Ender.

Secondly, the way that Orson Scott Card writes his characters is amazing. All of them are deep and complex with concrete personalities and histories. All of these characters, most of them kids, are seen through Ender’s eyes. He thinks about them and understands that he is alone.

In fact, this book is really hard, the violence in it is always present, and all although Ender doesn’t want to be the way he is becoming, he knows it is his duty. It makes you think about doing the right thing and how to be yourself in certain circumstances.

In conclusion, I cannot say anything wrong about the book. Basically it’s about children with guns and how awful it is. It’s a great picture about a terrible society seen through kid’s eyes. Ender’s game may make the reader suffer, but it gives, also, a great opportunity to think.

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